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flores azuis

History of Anna

A pivotal moment in her healing process was the angels' response to her question about the terrible pain in her hands: "letting go." Without hesitation, she began to release old pain, bringing events from her past to the surface, and the pain disappeared as if by magic. What was even more impressive, the pain did not return, even during periods of extreme rain or cold that would normally cause a lot of pain.

This led to daily sessions where she dedicated herself to processing old pain, eventually allowing her to communicate with the angels. Shortly after, she received a personal guide, Saint Germain, an Ascended Master, with whom she communicates daily.

But the biggest break came three months later during a special day of meditation. There, she experienced healing during meditations. His hands were completely freed from the stiffness that had been present for 21 years. This had a domino effect on the rest of her body, allowing her to stop all of her medication, something she couldn't even consider before. It's the result? Four years without illness, even when his entire family was hit by the flu.

Anna understood that unprocessed emotions are stored in our cells and decided to confront these emotions. She invites others to try the same, as it provides an overwhelming sense of relief when those internal blocks disappear. She also emphasizes that unprocessed traumas cloud our perception of reality and encourages us to actively address them to better understand ourselves, our surroundings and society.

This healing journey taught the author to love herself, fully accept herself, and stand up for herself. It also made her aware of the "desirable" behavior she exhibited to please others, and she gradually freed herself from this role to embrace her true essence. She discovered that understanding reality allowed her to deal differently with herself and her environment, and found a deep sense of support and happiness on her spiritual journey.

To help others with their own growth, the author shared her experiences and insights in articles and compiled them into a book focused on self-development. Additionally, she offers readings, healings, and coaching. She also regularly shares information and meditations through her YouTube channel.

Furthermore, the author emigrated to Portugal after a divine calling. There, she collaborates with others to create a company focused on well-being and an innovative way of working, centered on kindness, respect, collaboration, coaching, problem solving, fair wages and technological innovations. Its mission is to grant everyone a better life.

In conclusion, the author believes that we can improve the world by starting with ourselves and encourages others to grant themselves a better life and embrace this development.

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