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About the Author

Hello My name is Anna Webbink

Anna Webbink experienced a remarkable transformation in her life: a short-term cure. His story began with years of health problems, being chronically ill for 21 years with three forms of rheumatism throughout her body and a severe neck trauma. She constantly looked for solutions and asked God for help. Remarkably, help came in many ways, including an encounter with angels during a workshop.

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Book Ilustrations

These are some ilustrations from the book

Olha para Ti Mesmo

"Look at Yourself" offers motivation and inspiration for your journey towards personal growth, balance and inner peace. Let Anna's words inspire and guide you in your path of self-discovery and self-love. Learn how, with small adjustments, you can lead your best life, because you deserve.


“Every time I read Anna's messages, they resonate deep. She is incredibly inspiring with what she shares. Thanks."


"When I was seriously depressed, Anna supported me very good. She also gave me three chapters of the book, and they  positively changed my life. I still read them regularly. They give me positive energy."
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